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Chad Dawes

Isabel Martinez

Kara Schoof

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Artisan Coffee & a Place To Belong Since 2018

Our passion is coffee and people. Not only do we strive to serve the absolutely best cup of coffee and tea that you've ever tasted; we also love our customers and genuinely want to get to know you. How's your day at the office going? What's the story behind that amazing tattoo? How can we help with your struggles or share in your joys?

We're here to create a bright spot in your day—one that will produce other bright spots and ultimately make your every day a little bit happier.

We know that a fantastic cup of coffee or tea can influence the way you approach your day. The way you may now choose to face it head-on. The way you (with an amazing drink in your hand) might decide to forge ahead happy.

All because you left Tredwell Coffee with a smile and a great cup of artisan coffee.